Subscriber spotlight: The ultra-serious home barista

Introducing Adnan, our subscriber who is so passionate about coffee that he uses a commercial grade machine at home, AND a lever machine at work! Read on to find out more about his coffee preferences and what matters the most to him when it comes to brewing a cup of joe. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Coffee lover! Other than that, I'm a typical nerd. Console gaming and reading. 

2. How do you like your coffee?

 That golden hue!

That golden hue!

Espresso 99% of the time. Usually a ristretto since I favor a good syrupy mouthfeel. Once in a while I'll do a filter brew.

3. How do you usually brew your coffee?

I use a commercial level machine at home and a lever machine at work. Both are fun to use and have their pros and cons. For pour-overs, I prefer the Kalita Wave because it is simple to use and more forgiving than the other pour-over brewers like the V60. I do feel the V60 offers more transparency but the Kalita Wave has a heavier body which I tend to seek.

4. Do you remember when and how you became a coffee lover?

It started off as an addiction due to having to keep late nights. Now thankfully, it has become more of a passion and indulgence.

I enjoy trying out different espresso parameters and different brewers to extract the best flavours out of the beans. Coffee is complex and for good coffees, each cup is a different sensory experience.

5. What's the most memorable coffee experience you've had so far?

Using a cheap French press and "burr" to brew coffee with freshly roasted beans bought from my college cafe (Spinelli's is still there) during undergrad days. The equipment was simple and not the most precise but using good quality freshly roasted beans made all the difference. 

6. Any tips for other budding home baristas out there?

Consistency! But in the end, the sensory experience still matters the most. Take time to zone out in your own private mental space and enjoy your brew. 

7. What are your coffee pet peeves?

Channelling and uneven extraction in espresso! Some coffees are difficult to brew for espresso despite the best efforts. 

And "baristas" who are not coffee drinkers....

And finally, which month's Joe Curious beans are your favourite thus far?

 Mirian 1, Costa Rica, roasted by Steampunk Coffee Roasters, North Berwick

Mirian 1, Costa Rica, roasted by Steampunk Coffee Roasters, North Berwick

The Mirian 1 coffee from Steampunk Coffee Roasters was interesting! A naturally processed coffee with a complex floral taste and strawberry sweetness. What is there not to like?