Subscriber spotlight: Coffee + Yoga

We spoke to one of our subscribers, Cherissa, about the two loves of her life - Coffee + Yoga, and how both gives her a boost in her mornings!

1.     Tell us a bit about yourself!

Coffee-addict yogi who skips breakfast but has to have her coffee before morning yoga classes. 

 My world without coffee....would not be a good world to live in.

My world without coffee....would not be a good world to live in.

2.     How do you like your coffee?

Dark roasted, with milk and brown sugar.

3.     How do you usually brew your coffee?

Pour-over. There’s something comforting and therapeutic watching the coffee grounds bubble and flourish under the stream of hot water.

4.     Do you remember when and how you became a coffee lover?

 Multi-tasking at its finest

Multi-tasking at its finest

My mum gave me my first cup of coffee when I was 12 and could not wake up for school. I think she saw how hard I was struggling to stay awake, so she switched my regular milo with a steaming cup of coffee with condensed milk. I never looked for milo ever since.

5.     What's the most memorable coffee experience you've had so far?

After my first taste of coffee at 12 years old, I followed my parents to a wet market to get our coffee grounds for our morning filter coffee. I remember standing next to my dad while he sniffed at the various coffee beans offered by the shopkeeper. The smell of the shop along with the whirring sound of the coffee grinder while it ground up our coffee beans was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced as a child. I still find myself standing outside these old wet market coffee ground shops, inhaling the scent of the place while listening to the all-too-familiar whirring sound of the grinder. I guess you can say that the smell of coffee comforts me.

6.     Any tips for other budding home baristas out there?

Not really… just that I hope you find the style of brewing that will bring you comfort and a smile to your face when you take your first sip.

7.     And finally, which month's Joe Curious beans are your favourite thus far?

 Old Fashion Blend, roasted by Blooom Coffee Roasters, Macau

Old Fashion Blend, roasted by Blooom Coffee Roasters, Macau

August 2016, Blooom Roasters‘ Old Fashion Espresso Blend. Still one of the best blends I've ever had the chance to taste.