How to make French press coffee

Also known as a press pot, coffee press or coffee plunger, the French press has been around since the early 19th century. We love the French press starter kit for its convenience and ease of use,  not to mention that it brews a rich cup of coffee with a heavy body.


Step 1:

Bring 350ml of water to a boil.


Step 2:

Measure out 20 grams of coffee.


Step 3:

Grind your coffee at a coarse setting. The grind size needs to be coarser than what you would use for drip or pourover.


Step 4:

Pour your coffee grounds into the French press.


Step 5:

Add 230 grams of water and let it steep for 3.5 to 4 minutes.


Step 6:

Insert the plunger and slowly press the filter downwards. Once it's done, serve the coffee immediately to prevent the coffee from over-extraction!