How to use an AeroPress

The AeroPress is our favourite brewing method for filter coffee. Not only is it fast and easy to clean, it also brews an aromatic and flavourful cup consistently. For best results, follow the measurements on your coffee leaflet.


Step 1:

Bring 400-500ml of water to a boil.


Step 2:

Assemble your AeroPress. We are going with the inverted method this time.


Step 3:

Measure out 16 grams of coffee.


Step 4:

Grind your coffee. We recommend a grind setting that is just slightly finer than your usual pourover coffee.


Step 5: 

With your AeroPress inverted on the weighing scale, add your coffee into the chamber. Use the funnel to prevent spillage of coffee grounds. Tare the weight on your scale.


Step 6:

It's time to start brewing. Start the timer on your scale and add about 30 grams of water. Gently stir the grounds and water mixture with your paddle and let it sit for 15 seconds.
(This step is also known as pre-infusion.)


Step 7:

Add another 150 grams of water and use the paddle to stir the mixture again. Let it steep until 2 minutes is up. While the coffee is steeping, use the remaining water to wet your paper filter and heat up your cup.


Step 8:

Screw the cap onto the AeroPress. Place your cup (remember to empty the hot water first) atop the AeroPress and invert the entire assembly.


Start pushing the AeroPress downwards slowly - the entire process should take 30 seconds. You will know it's done when you hear a hissing sound, indicating that there is no more water to push through the filter.


Step 9:

Unscrew the cap and push the puck of coffee grounds into a trash bin. Enjoy your coffee!