Our past featured roasters (2017)


DECEMBER 2017: Grouch & CO Coffee Roasters (PERTH)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’re choosing to end this great year with a roast from one of countries with the best coffee culture in the world – Australia.

Compared to many other roasters in Australia, Grouch & Co is fairly new, having only opened in 2015. But the creative husband and wife duo behind the brand in Western Australia have already received a prestigious national award with their espresso blend, beating out more than 658 entries from both local and international roasters. But they’re not just expert roasters. They pay attention to every single detail – from the almond milks to the individually sourced furniture, everything is carefully thought out and planned, making their café one of the best places to be at.

Featured Espresso blend: Diamond Mule (Ethiopian Guji, Ethiopian Kolowa, Brazilian Santa Isabelle)
Tasting notes: Sweet stone fruit, citrus acidity, smooth finish

Featured Filter: Colombian Carlos
Tasting notes: Chamomile, jasmine, stone fruit, mulberry

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NOVEMBER 2017: BLOOOM Coffee Roasters (Macau)

Blooom Coffee House is the baby of Keith Fong – a true blue Macanese who was born and bred in the city. Despite the city’s Portuguese heritage and influence, Keith’s coffee roasting and brewing techniques are mostly North American and European influenced.

Having first acquired his coffee skills over multiple trips to Europe, he’s now an SCAE certified coffee professional and trainer. Keith had only two staff working with him in 2010, but now he has several cafes all over the city, including Blooom.

Featured Espresso blend: Bird's Yard Blend (Ethiopia Illubabor Wash, Colombia Timana de Huila Wash, India Sufia Robusta Wash)
Tasting notes: Syrupy body, wonderful sweetness, roasted almond aftertaste

Featured Filter: Ethiopia Gelana Abaya G1 Heirloom Natural
Tasting notes: Chrysanthemum, guava, dried apricot


OCTOBER 2017: CLIFTON Coffee Roasters (BRISTOL)

If you haven’t been to Bristol, then it’s time to put it on your to-go list. It doesn’t sound as busy as London, or as exciting as Glasgow, but you’d be surprised at how feisty and offbeat this coastal city is.

Our featured roaster Clifton Coffee wasn’t even in the business of beans when founder James Fisher started out in 2001. They were servicing espresso machines! By 2013, they had their own in-house production roaster to truly concentrate on sourcing, roasting, and supplying specialty coffees.

Featured Espresso blend: EQ Espresso Blend 11 (Peru Marcial Olivera, Honduras Liquidamber, Ethiopia Haider Abamecha)
Tasting notes: Pink grapefruit, cherry coulis, butterscotch, sweet raspberry acidity

Featured Filter: Santa Maria, Nicaragua
Tasting notes: Notes of maple syrup, red grape, macadamia nuts


SEPTEMBER 2017: KoKo Coffee Roasters (Gold Coast)

This month, we’ve got our spotlight on KoKo Coffee Roasters based in Gold Coast’s Mermaid Beach.

KoKo Coffee Roasters works with quality and independent farmers across East Africa and Central and South America, forming a long relationship that ensures not just the quality for the coffees, but also the lives of the producers.

Featured Espresso blend: KoKo Kombi Mellow Espresso Blend (Serra da Mantiquiera, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Popoyan, Cauca, Colombia)
Tasting notes: Maple syrup, sweet spice, baker’s cocoa

Featured Filter: Serra Da Mantiquiera, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tasting notes: Delicate plum, dark chocolate mud cake, cocoa, malt and almond finish


AUGUST 2017: Stay Coffee (Tainan)

In 2015, Taiwan consumed 2.85 billion cups of coffee – not bad for a population of 23 million. But good – real quality – coffee was hard to find. That’s why Max, the founder of Stay Coffee, decided to step up. It was a slow process, from finding out how beans were grown, to understanding the entire roasting process, before finally selling coffee from a bicycle – all this while he and his team were still holding full time jobs!

Featured Espresso blend: Tipsy blend (Guatemala (Pacas), Nicaragua (Caturra Bourbon), Honduras (Caturra Bourbon))
Tasting notes: Dried longan and caramel sweetness, mild orange acidity, matcha fragrance

Featured Filter: Uganda Kasese Rwenzori Mountains Kyagalayni
Tasting notes: Dark berries, tropical fruit, dried longan, black sugar, green tomatoes, maple syrup


JuLY 2017: THE Workshop (Ho Chi Minh City)

Even though Vietnam is one of the major coffee players, its roasting and café scene only picked up in the last decade or so, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. The Workshop, founded in July 2014, is the city’s first specialty roaster and they’re offering something way different you’d get off the streets.

According to co-founder Nguyen Tuan Dung, The Workshop aims to instill an appreciation and respect for the coffee and the people who grow them (the beans they use are predominantly Vietnamese, using local Arabica growers).

Featured Espresso blend: The Workshop blend
Tasting notes: Dried fruit, juicy, citric, smooth, lingering candy finish

Featured Filter: Dalat, Vietnam (catimor varietal, honey processed)
Tasting notes: Brown sugar, caramel, citrus, long popcorn finish


June 2017: Colonna Coffee (Bath)

Like authors who needed a spark of inspiration for their work, the founder of Colonna Coffee, Maxwell, had an epiphany experience with coffee nearly a decade ago in Melbourne. He then threw himself into exploring, learning and understanding the subtleties and nuances of coffee.

Together with his wife Lesley, Maxwell set up Colonna Coffee, and it fast became a space where you could slowly experience the complexity and character of a cup of joe. And they’re not all fluff – Colonna Coffee is England’s most decorated coffee champion.

Featured Espresso blend: Rwanda Buf Peaberry
Tasting notes: Orange blossom, dried fig, cherry

Featured Filter: Tanzania Itaka
Tasting notes: Kiwi, clementine, green apple

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MAY 2017: Flight Coffee (Wellington)

Formed in 2009 by Richard Corney, Matt Graylee and Nick Clark, Flight Coffee quickly became the darling of Wellington. They’ve grown from being just a café to being actual stakeholders in a Colombian farm and owning a factory that monitors quality control, roasts beans and holds workshops.

The folks at Flight Coffee want to give their customers more than just a good cup of joe. They’re also about positively impacting the industry and the lives that it connects. So a big part of their culture is education and development – both on your part and on the scene as a whole.

Featured Espresso blend: B2 Milk Blend (Rwanda, Colombia, Brazil)
Tasting notes: Buttercream, malty, cocoa

Featured Filter: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelelektu
Tasting notes: Peach, fresh ginger, mandarin

April 2017: Casino mocca coffee roasters (budapest)

Casino Mocca was established in 2013 by Zoltán Kis, Szabolcs Temesvári and Lajos Horváth – all three baristas were national and world competitors at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

According to Zoltán, Casino Mocca is the first and only specialty roaster in Hungry to apply an “engineering mindset” to coffee. That means taking on a measured approach, and continuously polishing quality control to end up with consistent results.

Featured Espresso blend: Santa Barbara, Honduras (Danny Moreno farm)
Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, cherry, caramel

Featured Filter: Munyinya, Burundi
Tasting notes: Strawberry, lime, fig

March 2017: Inferno Dynamics Roastery (Hong Kong)

The people behind the Inferno Dynamics go all over the world to source their own beans and they trade directly with farmers in a bid to experiment with growing and processing methods to develop unique flavours. That means every cup from Inferno Dynamics is one with much thought and expertise. The roaster has also consistently been placed in competitions, coming in third in the Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship 2016, and fifth in their debut participation in the Hong Kong Barista Championship 2016.

Featured Espresso blend: Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ethiopia
Tasting notes: Low acidity, full body, creamy mouthfeel, chocolate notes with a juicy aftertaste

Featured Filter: Panama Casa Ruiz, Natural Typica
Tasting notes: Juicy, sweet, winey mouthfeel, berries


February 2017: Bocca Coffee Roasters (Amsterdam)

We've got our eye on Bocca Coffee Roasters this month, and what got us really excited was their quest for perfection.

These guys have been around for more than 10 years and they supply to some 320 stores nationwide. In 2014, Bocca even won the European Coffee Award for best artisan roaster in Europe!

Featured Espresso blend: Brazil Cerrado, Ethiopia Sidamo 1 Suke Quto
Tasting notes: Sweet stone fruit, milk chocolate, citrus

Featured Filter: Ethiopia Sidamo 1 Suke Quto
Tasting notes: Delicate notes of apricot first, followed by chocolate and bergamot. Medium body and clean mouthfeel

January 2017: Simetri Coffee (Jakarta)

Indonesia is one of the big players in the coffee scene, with the country being the fourth largest producer.

Enter the coffee from Simetri Coffee. Their two-floor café is massive, but what will catch your eye is the roaster taking up the entire first floor. The no-frills establishment is simple, from their decor right down to their food menu. And that’s because they’re 100% focused on their coffee – roasting it right and educating enthusiasts and casual lovers alike.

Featured Espresso: Nymeria Espresso blend (Brazil Cerrado, Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling)
Tasting notes: Jasmine, plum and pear with a dark chocolate finish and floral aroma

Featured Filter: Toraja Baruppu
Tasting notes: Jasmine & nutty aroma, green apple, berry sweetness