Our past featured roasters



Founded by Mark W Free, Joe Miranda, and Aaron Maxwell in 2013, Everyday Coffee started out by roasting their own coffees at Coffee Supreme before moving to a Probat at Bureaux Collective – a shared coffee roasting space in Melbourne.

They are one of the pioneers for the batch brew movement, using the batch brew method to offer filter coffee at an affordable price.

The All Day Espresso Blend feels just like a gathering with old friends – comforting and familiar. The butterscotch notes really come through as an espresso shot, whereas the dark chocolate notes shine in a milk-based drink. On the other hand, the Kenya Ndundu is a breath of fresh air – juicy and almost tea-like in body upon first sip. Let your coffee cool before savouring it slowly.

Espresso Coffee: All Day Espresso Blend
Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate, Syrupy

Filter Coffee: Kenya Ndundu PB
Tasting Notes: Apricot, Red Currant, Syrupy body



Taf started out as a family business back at the beginning of the 1990s and has since grown to be a key player in the coffee industry. Owner Yiannis Taloumis, who won the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Coffee Excellence Innovation Award in 2011 and the SCAE’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, believes strongly in a direct relationship with the coffee producers.

With the Taf direct-relationship program, Yiannis Taloumis visits the farms he works with during their harvest in order to ensure that they get the best quality beans. The effort has clearly paid off considering the number of awards the roaster has won in competitions all over the world.

Espresso Coffee: Costa Rica Corazon Cheri Bota
Tasting Notes: Nutmeg, orange blossom, syrupy body, delicate acidity

Filter Coffee: Colombia Plan Chacaguaico, Sandoná, Nariño
Tasting Notes: Citrus, Pineapple, Long black tea aftertaste


Wood and Co Coffee was founded by Aaron Wood, a Kiwi turned Melbournian, together with Jana Royse and Rhys Durose. Their coffee is featured in many cafes throughout Melbourne and up the country’s east coast.

Wood first started out as a roaster at the tender age of 19 with Atomic Coffee Roasters in Auckland, New Zealand. He quickly worked his way up to Head Roaster and eventually left for Seven Seeds in Melbourne. It was at Seven Seeds where he really honed his bean selection and roasting skills, and later went on to set up Wood and Co.

Espresso Coffee: Ethiopia Sesaga, Yirgacheffe
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Jasmine, Toffee

Filter Coffee: Kenya Karumandi, Kirinyaga
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Lime, Brown Sugar



Steampunk Coffee wasn't a brick and mortar store from the start, like many other cafes. It grew right from the back of a bright yellow 1976 Volkswagen camper. Their founder roasted beans in her garage, and drove to markets and festivals to sell her coffee.

They specialise in single origin coffees, offering a rotating selection of seasonal beans which is roasted in small batches on their 12Kg Probat roaster. Their team samples every single roasted batch to evaluate and assess the flavour of each of our roasts.

Working with green coffee merchants Nordic Approach and Falcon Specialty, who are committed to ethical trading practices, has also enabled them to ensure that coffee farmers ultimately receive a better price for the beans they grow.

Espresso Coffee: Santa Ana, El Salvador
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Nougat, Nutty

Filter Coffee: Ethiopia, Konga, Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
Tasting Notes: Peaches and Cream


In 2007, 3 best friends started their coffee journey in the most humble of roasteries, their garden shed. 10 years later, they have grown a little, but are still a small team of 20-odd people, centered around their common passion for great coffee and pushing boundaries.

The team at Extract wants to get you drinking better coffee. Sourced ethically and responsibly from farmers around the world, they roast with both a passion and respect for the raw product. Their vision is to provide world-class coffee that will be a part of your daily life.

Espresso Coffee: La Cabana, San Pedro Miel - Costa Rica
Tasting Notes: Raisin, quince & cocoa nib

Filter Coffee: Colombian El Peñol, Antioquia, Caturra & Castillo
Tasting Notes: Red apple, praline & granola

MARCH 2018: Obadiah Collective (Edinburgh)

In earlier years, founder Sam was part of the team at 5 Senses Coffee in Perth Australia. He spent three years working as a head roaster, developing roast profiles for single origin specialty coffees.

After moving to Edinburgh in 2015, Sam started Obadiah Collective, sourcing and roasting specialty coffees to demonstrate purity, transparency and consistency in coffee.

Roasting their coffees delicately is important for them to ensure they are not encouraging any un-natural alterations to the flavour profile of each coffee. Obadiah has one profile per coffee, designed to accurately represent all of the variables the coffee farmers have worked with in the growing process - the altitude of the farm, soil type, tree variety and process method.

Espresso Coffee: : La Cabana, San Pedro Miel - Costa Rica
Tasting Notes: Creamy caramel, date syrup and blood orange

Filter Coffee: Santa Maria de Lourdes, San Luis - Nicaragua
Tasting Notes: Lychee, juicy nectarine and honey


FEBRUARY 2018: Quarter horse COFFEE ROASTERS (birmingham)

Quarter Horse Coffee is an independent coffee roaster and cafe in Birmingham, founded by Nathan and his wife Ameeta.

Back in 2012, they first opened as a café in Oxford, before expanding to a larger space in Birmingham 3 year later to include their own roastery. 

To ensure that he only serves the best coffee, Nathan selects beans by quality and seasonality and then test-roast them in small batches. The team then evaluates them by flavour and roasts the best for use in their shops and for their wholesale customers. Their aim? To roast some of the best coffee in the UK.

Espresso Coffee: Colombia, El Tambo, Cauca (washed)
Tasting Notes: Rich syrupy sweetness, caramelised sugar, sweet citrus

Filter Coffee: Burundi, Kayanza (fully washed)
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrants, blackberries, sweet



Established in 2011, Dear Green Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and supplier of exclusively 'speciality' grade coffee beans. Their name comes from their home city of Glasgow, known as ‘The Dear Green Place.' They pride themselves in sourcing and roasting only the highest quality of specialty grade coffee, and carry an ethical and social conscience in every element of their output.

To ensure transparency, traceability and sustainability in every coffee that they roast, they only work alongside a select few direct traders and farms whom they know and trust.

Featured Espresso blend: Ballroom Blend (Kenya Jokambu AB, Brazil Pantano)
Tasting notes: Hazelnut, berry, citrus

Featured Filter: Costa Rica – Santa Rosa 1900 (Washed)
Tasting notes: Bright, red grape, stone fruit