FAQ - why is Joe Curious different from other coffee beans subscription services in Singapore & more:

Why should I get my beans from Joe Curious and ditch my coffee capsules and instant coffees? 
Freshly ground and brewed coffee always tastes better than instant coffees and espressos that come in a pod. So if you can’t get through a day without it, you might as well make that one cup count. And brewing your own coffee doesn’t take much time either – check out our collection of starter kits that will give you a fresh cup in just 10-15 minutes.

Any additional shipping fees?
Absolutely not. Our stated prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees.

What's the difference between espresso blend and filter roast?
Espresso blend coffee grounds tend to yield a thicker, stronger brew and you'll need an espresso machine or a moka pot to achieve that. Filter roast coffees have subtler flavours - making it perfect for beginner coffee drinkers. You'll need either a AeroPress, French press, or use the pourover or cold brew methods. 

Why should I brew my own coffee?
No one knows how you like your coffee best apart from you. When you brew your own coffee, you will get to control the strength of the coffee and try a variety of tastes from different beans. Not to mention, you will also be drinking the freshest coffee! Take a look at our blog if you need a hand in brewing.

When will I receive my coffee?
You will receive your coffee within the last two weeks of each month.

How fresh will the beans I receive be?
Your beans would've been rested approximately 7-12 days when it arrives in your mail! Perfect amount of time for your beans to develop its flavors after roasting.

I don't have a grinder. Can I request for ground beans?
Because we would like the beans (and coffee!) to be at its freshest, we prefer to send the beans whole to you. Ground beans tend to lose their oils and freshness when ground beforehand and stored. If you don’t have a grinder, do check out our collection here.

Boo, coffee equipment is expensive.
We want to make coffee brewing as affordable as possible and thus we have created a few bundle kits to kick-start your coffee journey. Check them out here.

How long is delivery time for equipment purchases?
We deliver within 2-5 working days. After you place an order, someone will be in touch with you personally to arrange for a suitable delivery time.

Can I pause my membership?
Absolutely! We provide the flexibility to pause and resume your membership at any point of time. Drop us an email and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Can I cancel my membership?
We would be really sorry to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your membership anytime via the plan management page (the unique link can be found on your subscription email).

How does payment work?
If you opt for the monthly rolling subscription plan, you will receive a notification email when your card is about to be charged the monthly amount. If you choose either the three or six-month gift subscription plans, it will be a one-time payment and the full amount will be charged upfront.

Can I give membership / equipment as a gift?
Definitely! We have gift subscription plans here. As for equipment, simply indicate that it's a gift at checkout and we will do the rest.

Love the concept, but why so expensive!
An average cuppa joe in a cafe costs between 4-7 dollars. But a 250g bag of beans can brew up to 18 cups of coffee (which translates to about 1.70-2 dollars per cup). Plus, we curate and choose quality beans from the best roasters all over the world because we wholeheartedly believe in getting a great collection of beans across to you. That way, you are able to enjoy the many unique flavours coffee can offer without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately not. We currently only ship within Singapore. However, we have plans for that in the future so please check back soon.

I'm a coffee bean roaster. Can I partner with you?
We are always open to partnerships. Please hit us up with a message right here.