What's inside my monthly coffee beans subscription bundle?



Every month, you'll get a bag of freshly roasted beans (approx. 200-250g) from an international roaster. The origin of the beans and the name of the roaster won't be revealed until you receive the bundle, so it'll be a surprise every month! 


Information about the coffee origin, tasting notes and specific brewing parameters to help you brew the best cup you can. We also share the stories behind these great roasters and what they are passionate about.

What type of coffee beans can I choose from?

There are two different roasts you can choose from:


This will be either a blend or single origin coffee. The espresso roast is intended to be brewed on an espresso machine or a moka pot. Espresso-based beverages include long blacks, lattes and cappuccinos.


This will be a single origin coffee that is usually lighter in roast. Brewing methods for filtered coffee includes pourover, AeroPress, French press and cold brew. If you are getting a starter kit, we highly recommend that you subscribe to a filter roast bundle.

How do I pay and when do I receive my beans?

Our monthly subscription plans are billed on a recurring basis (16th of every month) and can be discontinued any time. Your surprise coffee bundle will be delivered to you in the last week of every month. Also, domestic shipping is free! (Note that we currently only ship within Singapore.)

Single Bag - $30
Makes 12-18 cups, suitable for the occasional drinker.

Double Bags - $54
Makes 24-36 cups, suitable for the daily drinker.


 Our July '16 bean bundle featuring Pilot Coffee Roasters, Toronto (pssst....not including the latte of course!)

Our July '16 bean bundle featuring Pilot Coffee Roasters, Toronto (pssst....not including the latte of course!)

Need more coffee or looking to supply your office/pantry? Drop us a note via our contact form and we will get back to you with attractive bulk order pricing!

Reviews from our subscribers

Can’t wait to see which country my beans are coming from next month!
— Cherissa
Sweet smooth finish to the cup. Thank you for delivering this award winning roast from Return Coffee Hong Kong
— Daorong
Thanks for bringing in so many awesome beans from around the world!
— Anne

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