Who we are

Joe Curious was formed by a group of coffee-lovers who are hopelessly addicted to that cuppa joe. Each and every one of us has our own unique preferences as to how we take our coffee, as well as the taste profile it brings. And so when we wanted to try coffees beyond the roasters in Singapore, we thought, why not share that opportunity with fellow lovers as well?

We believe that coffee is very much part of our daily lives – because the first sip of the day can get you going, and all the precious conversations and moments you share with your dearest are over coffee.

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Our Mission

Why keep amazing beans to ourselves? We want to spread the word and introduce coffee enthusiasts and explorers alike to quality roasters from all over the world. We also want to guide you in home brewing that cup of coffee for yourself, your loved ones and connect you to other coffee lovers from all walks of life.