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This month's roaster: The Underdog, Athens


The Underdog, a specialty roaster from Athens, Greece, was formed by a group of people who lives to push the boundaries of flavours in specialty coffee. They roast their beans using a 6kg Giesen Roaster and pack their beans by hand. Truly the meaning of hand-crafted coffee! 

They started roasting back in 2011 and have come a long way since then. One of their baristas recently came 4th place in the World Barista Championship amongst 57 contenders, and 1st place in the Hellenic Barista Championship. The Underdog team are also Authorized SCA Trainers (AST) and provide various coffee workshops and even professional certifications.

Espresso Coffee: Huye Mountain, Rwanda
Tasting Notes: Mellow, clove, peach

Filter Coffee: Yria, Ethiopia
Tasting Notes: Ripe strawberries, tropical fruits, floral jasmine tones

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